Sunday, February 18


Year of the Pig. Thus: Consider enjoying the following tracks with an order of sweet 'n' sour pork.

[MP3] David Bowie/"China Girl"
[MP3] R.E.M./"Yellow River"
[MP3] The Decemberists/"My Mother Was a Chinese Trapeze Artist"
[MP3] Tori Amos/"China"
[MP3] Ed Harcourt/"Shanghai"
[MP3] Tiger Baby/"Chinese Fairytale"
[MP3] Mando Diao/"To China With Love"
[MP3] Mew/"Chinaberry Tree"
[MP3] The Deathray Davies/"Chinese Checkers and Devo Records"
[MP3] Carl Douglas/"Kung Fu Fighting"
[MP3] John Mellencamp/"China Girl"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks, been looking for the Carl Douiglas track for a while.

Happy new Chinese Year!

8:52 AM  
Anonymous Kim said...


Excellent, I love the Zhang Fei Photo you have taken and the song Yellow River was my all time favorite.

You are the best!!!

5:50 AM  

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