Tuesday, February 13


I first learned of the Danish band VOLVOE from the great Danish blog HITS IN THE CAR. A song spotlighted there -- "Organized Faults" -- managed to insinuate itself into my subconscious the way that songs sometimes manage to do. The music actually reminded me a bit of early DEPECHE MODE, but with a harder, more post-rock vocal keeping things firmly grounded in the 21st century.

VOLVOE started as an experimental duo in 1999, but has since morphed into a somewhat more traditional-minded five-piece. Unsigned at the moment, they describe their music alternately as "power-pop" and "electro-rock," though it seems clear they're determined to keep their options open and follow their collective muse wherever she may lead them.

Finally, I'm indebted to the guys in the group (ANDERS, THOMAS, MIKKEL, CHRISTIAN, and ANDREAS) for agreeing to send me better-quality versions of the songs below than were previously available on their MySpace page. I fully expect we'll be hearing more from this band in the not-too-distant future....


A couple of upcoming VOLVOE live performances >>>

Mar 10 2007 8:00P/Rust/Copenhagen
Mar 24 2007 8:00P/Holmen Event/Copenhagen

[MP3] "Organized Faults"

[MP3] "Snowscape"

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