Monday, February 26


We don't give a lot of love to classical music around these parts, but every now and again we do shine the spotlight on soundtracks. Perhaps influenced by the Oscars yesterday, we're going to give the love/shine the light on SAMUEL BARBER's Adagio for Strings.
You don't have to be an expert on classical music to know this piece. If you've seen PLATOON, you've heard this music. There's also a version of it that's been written for the human voice (Agnus Dei) that's even more breathtaking in its melodramatic melancholy.
And for those that just plain hate classical music and all that it stands for, we're throwing in a pretty ridiculous dance version. All goes to show: a great melody is a great melody, regardless of the musical genre it's stuffed into.
[MP3] "Agnus Dei"
[MP3] "Adagio for Strings"
[MP3] William Orbit/"Adagio for Strings" [Ferry Corsten radio edit]


Anonymous said...

well said! This is an amazing track!

Anonymous said...

was just grabbing the laura veirs songs, but you've got an awesome blog going here. thanks, keep it up

molotov said...

Well, it's always nice to hear things like this. Thanks for comin' 'round, folks. We'll keep doing the best we can....

Anonymous said...

This is one of my best soundtracks.
Also, watch this classic remix