Thursday, February 8


"Band of Brothers." With all due respect to the late Stephen E. Ambrose, what a lazy, cliched phrase. But sometimes there's no avoiding it -- as in the case of the Chicago band THE SAFES, who all but force a writer's hand by embodying the cliche in the most literal of ways.

FRANKIE, MICHAEL, and PATRICK O'MALLEY's indie power-pop will put you in mind of a softer-edged, less self-consciously sloppy REPLACEMENTS; a harder-edged, more lo-fi CHEAP TRICK; a less studio-shellacked MATTHEW SWEET. Their latest album, WELL, WELL, WELL, was recorded in Detroit with engineer JIM DIAMOND, who has jobbed knobs for THE WHITE STRIPES and a number of other Motor City outfits.

You can stream WELL, WELL, WELL in its entirety [
HERE] (give "Since Trust Went Bust," "Only in Your Mind," and "Cool Sounds Are Here Again" a try). You can purchase WELL, WELL, WELL on iTunes or [HERE].


THE SAFES on tour...

Feb 9 2007 9:00P/Grealys/Chicago, Illinois
Feb 15 2007 10:00P/Empty Bottle/Chicago, Illinois
Feb 17 2007 8:00P/King Club/Madison, Wisconsin
Feb 21 2007 10:00P/Lagerhouse/Detroit, Michigan
Feb 22 2007 10:00P/Asbury Lanes/Asbury Park, New Jersey
Feb 23 2007 10:00P/Pa's/Somerville, Massachusetts
Feb 24 2007 10:00P/Khyber Bar/Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Feb 25 2007 10:00P/DC9/Washington, Washington DC

From the LP WELL, WELL, WELL, 2006 >>>
[MP3] "Bliss This Instance"
[MP3] "Fairy Tale Tomorrow"

From the LP FAMILY JEWELS, 2005 >>>
[MP3] "Better Things to Do"

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