Thursday, February 15


I first stumbled upon the indie-pop four-piece STARFLOWER in October of 2006 with the song "Dance Till Morning Light" (perhaps introduced to it -- yet again -- by HITS IN THE CAR). Regardless, I was instantly smitten by that track's chiming guitars and light, almost whispery vocals. Not to mention the gentle-yet-driving-force drums, impeccable melody, and crisp-and-clean-as-a-Scandinavian-summer production. Ah-hah!, thought I at the time, these guys must be Swedish!

But heaven forfend! They are, in fact, from Finland, and that's no small slip-up on my part. The Finns resent being mistaken for Swedes in the same way that Canadians resent being mistaken for Americans, Americans resent being mistaken for Mexicans, and Mexicans resent being mistaken for Guatemalans. So... mea culpa, STARFLOWER. Mea culpa, Finland. (And mea culpa, Guatemala, while I'm at it.)

Now then... back to our regularly scheduled program....

STARFLOWER released their first full-length, MOMENT IN THE SUN, in 2006. Regardless of the country you happen to call "home" (even if it's Sweden!) (or Guatemala!), you can order said CD from the (um...) Swedish label MUSIC IS MY GIRLFRIEND.

Presently, the band is working on new material. If I can convince them to keep me posted on their progress, then I'll be sure to do the same for you.


[MP3] "All By Myself"

[MP3] "Moment in the Sun"

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