Tuesday, November 13

HEFNER (1996-2002)

A partial post-mortem of the "dead" British band HEFNER. Urban-folk. Indie-pop. Lo-fi. Likeable. Smart. Funny, in a "dark" sort of way. However you parse it: Worth remembering and celebrating.


From the LP MAIDA VALE, 2006 >>>
MP3] "The Day That Thatcher Dies" [live]
MP3] "The Sad Witch" [live]

From the LP DEAD MEDIA, 2001 >>>
MP3] "When the Angels Play Their Drum Machines"

From the LP WE LOVE THE CITY, 2000 >>>
MP3] "Hold Me Closer"
MP3] "The Greedy Ugly People"

From the LP THE FIDELITY WARS, 1999 >>>
MP3] "The Hymn for the Cigarettes"


MP3] [VID] "Christian Girls"

MP3] "The Cure for Evil" [live]


Able Answer said...

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HMB said...

Great post...Hefner are much missed. If you ever do another Hefner post, this old fan would greatly appreciate it if you put 'All I'll Ever Need' from the Hefner Brain Ep, possibly the most perfect love song ever written. I've lost my copy of the CD and my life's never been the same since.

Ed said...

Hi, great post. hefner were great, and i only got to see them the once. For my money, the best track they did was 'Eloping' off their first album 'Breaking God's Heart' and 'I Took Her Love For Granted'was great, too.

Ed, 17 Seconds