Wednesday, November 28


The name of the band is THE KINDNESS KIND. Which is a shame. I mean, really really a shame. I mean, shame on the Kindness Kind for calling themselves the Kindness Kind.

(I'm so upset by this, I'm going to stop writing this post. Right now. As an act of protest.) (Except to suggest that these people immediately change their name to MOHAMMED THE BEAR. It's cute and timely but mostly cute.) (They might want to leave Khartoum off the concert itinery, however. This is no small consideration.)

MOHAMMED THE BEAR... er... THE KINDNESS KIND in their native Seattle >>>

Nov 30 2007 5:00P/NECTAR w/The Most Serene Republic! FREE!!!!!/Seattle, Washington
Dec 7 2007 8:45P/ACT THEATRE - w/Kate Tucker & the Sons of Sweden (CD RELEASE)/Seattle, Washington
Dec 29 2007 7:00P/EL CORAZON - w/Siberian, Colonies/Seattle, Washington

[MP3] "Quiet Words Are Quiet Words"

[MP3] "The Rain Came Late"


Anonymous said...

I don't get it...?

Ricky N. said...

maybe the author should go back to school to learn how to complete a thought! anyway, the name is cool. it's better than most names out there now. I've met the band and they are all nice people. Original music too. the author needs to stop being a pretentious douche bag.

molotov said...

Yikes! "Pretentious"? Guilty as charged. But "douche bag" might be a bit over the top. On my better days, at least. I really DON'T think that the Kindness Kind is a very good name for a band, but I like the songs that I put up (obviously), and it's nice to hear that the guys in the band are cool. I wish them very great success. Now, I must go look into some grad schools so I can learn how to complete a