Wednesday, November 21


Many of you are no doubt already aware that THE KILLERS have released a b-sides collection called SAWDUST. Some of you no doubt couldn't give a flying fig, fart, or f*ck about this. Fair enough. I'm well aware that these guys inspire much venom and vitriol in the indie kingdom. But, if it's true they're only poseurs or pretenders-to-the-throne or glitter-and-stardust flashes-in-the-pan, that only seems apt. They are based in Vegas, after all. To thine own self be true. F*ck 'em if they can't take a joke.

("Change Your Mind" -- one of the band's better efforts, IMO -- appears on SAWDUST, as well as on the U.S. version of HOT FUSS. It appears here for those non-U.S. consumers who could give a fig, fart, or f*ck.)


MP3] "All the Pretty Faces"

MP3] "The Ballad of Michael Valentine"


MP3] "Change Your Mind"


VEGASinsight said...

Yeah, I wrote a post related to this new compilation, and received some very irksome comments. I don't think the Killers have done anything to justify such vitriol, but whatever ...

marya said...

i only really like hot fuss. everything else is just eh.

VEGASinsight said...

Totally agree. As I wrote on my blog (, I loved Hot Fuss, but the band's subsequent material ... not so much.