Tuesday, November 6


It's virtually impossible to take SHE WANTS REVENGE seriously as an artistic enterprise. As a JOY DIVISION or DEPECHE MODE covers band? Absolutely. Either one. They've got the drone, the faux Brit accents, the general sense of doom 'n' gloom. But what they don't have is a single ounce or iota of originality.

Maybe, just maybe, that's their schtick. Maybe the whole act's meant to be an ironic, too-cool-for-school carnivale of karaoke-styled post-modernism. Maybe low-art is the new high-art.

Or maybe they're just lazy, talentless hacks who make INTERPOL sound cutting-edge by comparison.


From the LP THIS IS FOREVER, 2007 >>>
MP3] "Walking Away"
MP3] "What I Want"

From their self-titled LP, 2006 >>>
MP3] "Spend the Night"
[MP3] "Out of Control"


Gabi said...

Usually I love your comments and recommendations, but this time I couldn't disagree more with you. SWR is really great. Not original, that's right, but who is REALLY original these days? And I have much more fun listening to them than Interpol. Try listening to "Out of Control" drinking something. lol. It is impossible not to wanna dance.
Anyway, your weblog is really good.
Cheers from Brazil!

TheDarknessVisible said...

As gabi inadvertantly points out, the typical ignorant consumer of music these days has no interest in art, merely 'fun'. Something to get drunk with. Something with a catchy beat. The very first thing I noticed about SWR is the lack of originality. I absolutely agree with this blog. SWR's only virtue IMHO is that it might entice some kids to actually go and check out the original bands SWR is ripping off: Joy Division, Depeche Mode, David Bowie and Bauhaus amongst others. It's unfortunate that so many people, such as Gabi, no longer consider plagiarism to be shameful.

When art is looked at as mere entertainment, people have missed the point entirely. Drink up Gabi!