Wednesday, November 7


Sort Sol ("Black Sun") is a natural phenomenon endemic to Denmark:

"Black Sun... (is) experienced in spring and autumn, when enormous flocks of black starlings, sometimes hundreds of thousands, create fascinating patterns in the sky, virtually blocking out the sun. The aerial ballet can be seen at sunset, when the birds leave their feeding places and take flight before they settle in for the night. The scene becomes even more spectacular when birds of prey are drawn to the marsh, eager to hunt the starlings. Their arrival causes the starlings to fly in ever-changing wavelike formations in the sky."

SORT SOL was also a rock group from Denmark. Originally known as SODS, they are often cited as being that country's first punk band. Their change of name in the early '80s also heralded a change in sound to a more post-punk, JOY DIVISION/early CURE sort of vibe. Occasionally, a heavy-metal element creeps in -- be it by way of JUDAS PRIEST or METALLICA ("Dog Star Man"). STEEN JORGENSEN's deep, rather theatrical voice is a perfect fit here. Like an actor with a tendency toward scenery-chewing, he seems to be having a growly good time....

MP3] "Holler High"

MP3] "Rhinestone"

MP3] "Marguerita"

MP3] "Dog Star Man"

MP3] "I'll Take Care of You"

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