Monday, March 24


Seems the New-York-City-by-way-of-Louisville singer-songwriter DAWN LANDES won't leave me alone. I happened upon her song "Bodyguard" on the 'Net quite some time ago, but I couldn't make up my mind whether or not I liked it enough to post it. So I filed it in the "In Limbo" bin. And I moved on.

But then her CD, FIREPROOF, showed up in my mailbox. All of a sudden, sort of. Just like that. Dammit, I thought, now I'm obliged to listen to this whole dadgum thing. Which I did. And "Bodyguard" was the best song on there. And "Twilight" was my next-best. So I was getting closer to posting, but still not quite there yet. There were certain nagging reservations, I guess you'd say. Certain lingering uncertainties.

So then, last night, I'm reading an old issue of Entertainment Weekly. I don't subscribe to Entertainment Weekly, but my brother did and then my brother died so now I get his Entertainment Weeklys. And in this particular one -- the one I was reading last night -- who else but Dawn Landes should get mentioned? Exactly. Just like that.

So, you see, it's fate, I guess. My brother died so I would be sure and post on Dawn Landes. Funny the way things work.... He was only 50, and I'm still not sure I exactly love this goddam song....


MP3] "Bodyguard"

MP3] "Twilight"

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Anonymous said...

My deepest sorrow for your brother
The musics are quite good, i think your brother wouldn't be ashamed.

Rui Pinto