Monday, March 31


Today's ROBERT FORSTER is the former co-leader of the underrated GO-BETWEENS, not the actor from the underrated "Jackie Brown." Forster's musical cohort, GRANT McLENNAN, died in May of 2006, thus putting an end to that '80s and '00s enterprise (both men spent the '90s as solo artists).

Mr. Forster will be releasing his first solo album in almost 12 years in April. It is called THE EVANGELIST, and includes the two songs below....

[MP3] "Did She Overtake You"

[MP3] "Demon Days"


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. "Calling You" by the Go-Betweens is an incredible song.

- Neil

Liz - 4 Ohm said...

Hey Michael,

I have a band I think you'll dig. Is there an email address where I can send you an mp3?