Friday, March 14


WOLFKIN are a couple of not-so-melancholy Danes who rather entertainingly describe themselves thusly:

"Wolfkin is a non-ordinary rock-outfit who'll take you down for a trip through their fantasia. A place where mirages of orchestras, string-sections and otherworldly sceneries are invoked amidst the duo's hall-of-mirrors band.... A musical mixture of exotic noir, Morricone Americana, stylish and dirty drum programming that demand dancing, and oozing with psychedelic sensibilities reminiscent both of the spaced-out synthesizer meditations of the seventies as well as the sixties' hotheaded guitar-driven ecstasy of rock&roll.... [S]ongs that both hook you and hoodwink you, as they unfold lush in detail and ever-changing, shimmering from that murky twilight state between the real and the unreal."

Got the picture? Okey-dokey then.

In support of their debut long-player, BRAND NEW PANTS, Wolfkin just finished gigging at SxSW and will play Spaceland in L.A. on March 19.


MP3] "Coyoacan"

MP3] [VID] "A Vacant Heart"

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kate said...

love wolfkin!

here's a new interview with them..on porn, "indie", and brand new pants.