Wednesday, March 26


Back in 2006, it was pretty easy to confuse Brighton's THE KOOKS with any number of other 21st century Britpop bands. The passage of two years hasn't really changed that.

Still, in 2006, I used 4 of the 14 songs from their album of the time (INSIDE IN/INSIDE OUT) on mix CDs. In 2008, I'm using 4 of the 12 songs from their present album (KONK) on mix CDs. So that's consistency for you, at the very least.

KONK should be globally available come April 15.


From the LP KONK, 2008 >>>

[MP3] "See the Sun"
MP3] "Mr. Maker"

From the LP INSIDE IN/INSIDE OUT, 2006 >>>
[MP3] "Ooh La"
[MP3] "Jackie Big Tits"

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Julian said...

I didn't even realise they had a new album out. I liked the last one, might buy this.... *listens*.