Sunday, March 23



MP3] "Comment te dire adieu"

MP3] "Ce petit coeur"

MP3] "Le premier bonheur du jour"

MP3] "Tu peux bien"

MP3] "Des ronds dans l'eau"

MP3] "Ou va la chance"


Miserable Lawyer said...

Thanks. She's pretty easy on the eyes and the ears.

Christopher said...

Great. I love her Vogue Years. I've got Tu Peux Bien on tape somewhere and now it's on my iTunes. But I'm not too familiar with the Seventies material. Got any of that?

Joao said...

Hi Molotov! I must confess that one of the things I most like in your blog is the ability you have to make me listening to music that normally I wouldn't, in spite of knowing it and even not disliking it. I really like the way you post music, the new one and the not so new. Thanks!

molotov said...

Easy on eyes and ears: absolutely. Alas no... on the '70s material. And thanks, Joao; that's very nice to hear. Sometimes it seems like I'm blogging in a void -- it's hard to know how people are reacting to the music. I'll continue to do my best....

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