Thursday, March 27


Much like GNARLS BARKLEY last week, THE RACONTEURS felt compelled to move up the release date for their second LP, CONSOLERS OF THE LONELY, to help mitigate an Internet leak.

While there's nothing quite so effortlessly classic as "Steady, As She Goes" this time around, I still find myself drawn more to the "BRENDAN BENSON"-sounding entries than the "JACK WHITE" efforts. (Generally-speaking, though, that merely reflects my preference for pop-rock over blues-rock, and White's closing "Carolina Drama" has to rank as one of the album's highlights.) (And, come to think of it, "The Switch and the Spur" below shares some brassy swagger with "Conquest" from the last WHITE STRIPES album....)


MP3] "The Switch and the Spur" [REMOVED BY REQUEST]

MP3] "Many Shades of Black" [REMOVED BY REQUEST]

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Hi PoA,

On behalf of XL Recordings and Warner Bros Records, we would kindly ask you not to post copies of "Consolers Of The Lonely" on your site (or any individual tracks from The Ranconteurs' newly released album - release date 25th March).

We do appreciate that you are fans of / are promoting The Ranconteurs, but XL and Warners would greatly appreciate your co-operation in removing your links to the pirate files in question. If you’d like a good quality, non-pirated, preview clip, a widget of the promo video for “Salute Your Solution” is available for you to embed at .

Many thanks for respecting the artist's and label's wishes.

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