Monday, March 17


No, that's not BELINDA CARLILE contemplating circles in the sand up in the top picture there; it's blue-eyed soulstress DUFFY (aka Aimee Anne Duffy), of Wales.

The latest in a lengthening line of distaff '60s revivalists (e.g. AMY WINEHOUSE and ADELE), Ms. Duffy has obviously listened to some Motown and DUSTY IN MEMPHIS in her time. To my ears, though, the songs below most evoke BOBBY WOMACK and DIONNE WARWICK, respectively.


MP3] "Hanging on Too Long"

MP3] "Stepping Stone"

BONUS TRACK (just because whythehellnot?) >>>

MP3] BELINDA CARLILE/"Circle in the Sand"

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Michon said...

i TOTALLY agree with you on the Belinda Carlisle similarity!! also, "Mercy" reminds me of Shirley Ellis "The Nitty Gritty"...old school. "Stepping Stone" and "Hanging On Too Long" are my two faves on this album right now.