Wednesday, March 5


Tunesmith extraordinaire ANDREAS MAGNUSSON of PINTO isn't slowing down after releasing last fall's full-length HOOK ME UP. The e-mail accompanying his brand-spankin'-newest single "The Dream is Over" tells us with a wink & a nudge:

"It may remind you a bit of a song sung by an insane girl with multi-colored hair back in the 80's. It is just a coincidence...."

Of course it is, Andreas. But hey, let's just be all classy about it and call it an homage, yes?


MP3] "The Dream is Over"


[MP3] CYNDI LAUPER/"Time After Time"

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Andreas said...

Well... Classy is my middle name. Let's call it a homage then. Next time I will pay tribute to Milli Vanilli. The real Milli Vanilli. ;)