Wednesday, October 24

THE 1900s

Just look at all those hippies up there... doing all those perverted, hippie things. Turns the stomach, doesn't it? Where have you gone, Richard Nixon? A nation turns its lonely eyes to you....

THE 1900s (not to be confused with Glasgow's 1990s) released their debut album, COLD & KIND, at the outset of October. Their music has drawn comparisons to FLEETWOOD MAC, BELLE AND SEBASTIAN, and THE ZOMBIES. Their genre is psychedelia-tinged (goddam hippies!) indie-pop. One imagines there is much drug-taking and orgification and very little in the way of genuflection to -- and glorification of -- the GOP, NRA, WWF, or NASCAR. Lord have mercy on their souls.

These people (all seven of them! Goddam communist cabal!) are on a highway to hell. Tailgating BRITNEY SPEARS. Whose children are strapped to the roof. Smoking cigarettes. Drinking gin. Bald and lacking underpants. Lord have mercy. (And on YOU as well, if you should choose to succumb to the siren songs below. Tricky Dick has left and gone away....)

THE 1900s on MySPACE.

From the LP COLD & KIND, 2007 >>>
MP3] "The Medium Way" [Removed at record label's very polite request]
MP3] "When I Say Go"

From the EP PLUME DELIVERY, 2006 >>>
[MP3] "Bring the Good Boys Home"


Anonymous said...

Hi! While The 1900s (all 7 of them) and Parasol Records (all 5 of us) and Riot Act Media (all two or three of them) truly appreciate your enthusiasm for The 1900s' new album it won't be long before the entire album is available via mp3, which is something we must curtail. So, in the kindest way possible, I need to ask if you would take down "The Medium Way" and email me for a list of band-/publicist-/label-sanctioned "sorta official giveaway tracks" to feature on your site?

jim (at)

Anonymous said...

If only all record labels were so friendly. =)

Not heard of the 1900's before, I initially thought this was a new interesting (possibly bizarre) compilation album of music dating back rather a long way. Pleasantly surprised by what I heard! Interest perked.