Sunday, October 28


The youngsters amongst you may well have no idea who/what DIONNE WARWICK was/is. A few may know that she's related to WHITNEY HOUSTON (they're cousins). A few may remember her for her unfortunate foray into TV hucksterism (Psychic Friends Network, anyone?). Then there was her well-intentioned-but-ultimately-insufferable 1986 charity single ("That's What Friends Are For," with ELTON JOHN, STEVIE WONDER, and GLADYS KNIGHT). Finally, some may recall that she was the original host of the cheesy-in-the-extreme '80s music-charts countdown show "Solid Gold" (Arsenio Hall was the show's FINAL host).

For our purposes today, though, Dionne Warwick should be remembered simply as one of the biggest -- and most consistent -- hitmakers of the '60s. Because that's exactly who and what she was and is.

MP3] "I Say a Little Prayer"

MP3] "Reach Out for Me"

MP3] "Walk on By"

MP3] "Trains and Boats and Planes"

MP3] "Anyone Who Had a Heart"

MP3] "I'll Never Fall in Love Again"


[MP3] "Heartbreaker" [This one's from 1982 and is included because (1) it's quite catchy, and (2) it provides a logical extension from Friday's BEE GEES post (the Brothers Gibb wrote and produced it).]


Anonymous said...

Its great to see a post about Dionne Warwick, but you failed to mention the genius of Burt Bacharach and Hal David, who wrote, I believe, every one of these songs. They were the true "hit-makers."

Mushi Loola said...

Wow! I dig the PLAGUE!

In the last 2 days the PLAGUE has transported me into my childhood living room — dancing around the HiFi Stereo Console as Mom DJ'd — spinning the vinyl (I won't say how long ago that was, but Mom's vinyl was always new) love of not only Dionne and The Bee Gee's, but two of her favorite Barry's, Manilow and White.

My Mom sent 4 children out into the world, never afraid of starting up the dance at any event. (Thanks, Mom.)

And thank you, PLAGUE.

Paul said...

Cool post. I enjoyed the tunes (and I am also from a mitten-shaped state). I think your sub-title about the "activist judges" is pretty funny. Any story there?

Dan said...

These are all great, but I REALLY remember Do You Know the Way to San Jose? crackling out of the AM radio of the Ford LTD.