Monday, October 29


In April, I had this to say about NICOLE ATKINS:

"ALL MUSIC GUIDE calls New York City singer-songwriter NICOLE ATKINS a mix of ROY ORBISON, LORETTA LYNN, and JENNY LEWIS. Well, gee. Couldn't they raise their expectations just a LITTLE bit?

I'd also throw a dash of NELLIE McKAY into that melting pot. And if you've ever wondered what MAMA CASS would sound like covering a SHIRLEY BASSEY James Bond theme (and who HASN'T?), then just give a listen to Atkins' sultry and soaring "The Way It Is."

Now, on the edge of November -- and with Atkins' new album NEPTUNE CITY ready to drop tomorrow -- I stand by all of that. If anything, the CASS ELLIOT comparison seems more apt than ever on the bright, singalong chorus to "Maybe Tonight."


NICOLE ATKINS on the road >>>

Oct 30 2007 10:00P/Union Pool/Brooklyn
Oct 30 2007 11:30P/Late Night with David Letterman/New York
Nov 1 2007 9:00P/The Crocodile Cafe/Seattle, Washington
Nov 2 2007 8:00P/John Henry’s/Eugene, Oregon
Nov 3 2007 7:00P/The Plaza Club/Vancouver, British Columbia
Nov 5 2007 7:00P/The Walnut Room/Denver, Colorado
Nov 7 2007 8:00P/The Parish/Austin, Texas
Nov 9 2007 7:00P/Vinyl/Atlanta, Georgia

From the LP NEPTUNE CITY, 2007 >>>
MP3] "The Way It Is"
MP3] "Maybe Tonight"


MP3] "Skywriters"


Jersey Girl said...

And if you'd like to know more, see my cover story about Nicole in the October 2007 issue of Upstage Magazine.

For The Love of Sara said...

You were great on the late night show....
The vibe was kinda lame for you and yet, you shined on....