Wednesday, October 17


Even in their native UK, RIALTO was one of those blink-and-you-missed-'em Britpop bands. From 1997-2002 they achieved some minor chart success with a couple of their songs and were dropped from their record company (twice) for their trouble.

I have no memory whatsoever of how I came to hear about these guys -- or when I first heard their music. I seem to remember that the song was "Monday Morning 5.19," and that it reminded me a bit of my beloved PULP (no wonder, really, seeing as the melody on the bridge -- 2:53 to 3:23 -- is lifted directly from that band's "I Spy").

Regardless, you'll find that song, the Top 20 "Untouchable," and three more of their better efforts below....

MP3] "Monday Morning 5.19"

MP3] "Anyone Out There?"

MP3] "Summer's Over"

MP3] "Drive"

MP3] "Untouchable"

3 comments: said...

Louis' solo album ain't bad either!

Chris said...

"Monday Morning..." really is a signature tune and one of the best britpop-hymns ever!

brilliant fake said...

Love Louis Elliot!!