Monday, October 8


It's Thanksgiving in Canada today. I'll refrain from informing them that the REAL Thanksgiving isn't until November 22; that little revelation just might break their kind, gentle hearts.

CRASH VEGAS is a Canadian group. They're not together anymore. When they WERE together, they trafficked in folk/shoegaze pop. You can hear a bit of that below on the quite pretty "Beguiling." "On and On" has an autumnal, "California Dreamin'" thing goin' on. And "Pocahontas" is downright perky.

We thank you, Canada. For Crash Vegas, NEIL YOUNG, and ice hockey, just for starters....

[MP3] "On and On (Lodestar)"

[MP3] "Pocahontas" [NEIL YOUNG cover]

[MP3] "Beguiling"

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Anonymous said...

hey how did you know i spent some time yesterday looking for some tunes by this group.