Tuesday, October 16


A couple weeks ago, I started banging the drum for the then-upcoming release of KENT's TILLBAKA TILL SAMTIDEN. At the time, I'd only heard first single "Ingenting," which sounded sufficiently cool to be promising (even if it never quite found that extra gear that might have taken it someplace truly special).

Well, the album officially drops today, and it pains me to report that the whole thing's a bit of a disappointment. One reason for this may be that the new effort simply pales in comparison to most of the Swedish band's previous output. Another may be that it comes hard on the heels of the great Internet IN RAINBOWS rollout, which is relevant for the fact that Kent has -- rightly or wrongly -- often been spoken of in the same breath as RADIOHEAD. Just judging by TILLBAKA's by-the-numbers, programmed drum beats alone, Kent is destined to get the short end of that stick every time.

Far more direct and damning, though, is the fact that the band can't seem to work up energy enough to mount a memorable chorus this time around. By contrast, their 2005 album DU & JAG DODEN had energy to burn and catchy choruses to spare. One can only hope they discover the wonders of caffeine, cocaine, or Oxycontin before commencing work on their next opus. Whatever it takes to give them a kick in the ass. Whatever it takes to bring the magic back.


MP3] "Generation Ex"

MP3] "Colombus"

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torr.typepad.com said...

that's too bad to hear that the album isn't any good. though it's hard to even still follow the band when nothing is even released in the english speaking world.