Tuesday, December 4


Australian twee? Who knew?

AGNES KAIN, that's who -- the boy/girl duo from the Sydney suburbs whose darker edges and sharper elbows only emerge after a Tooheys or two (or ten). For the most part, though, they're a perky pair -- partial to bouncy basslines, piano, and handclaps. Every now and again: a touch of tambourine... a squiggle of violin. One guesses they've never heard an AC/DC song in their life -- unless BELLE AND SEBASTIAN or YO LA TENGO or DRESSY BESSY or somebody ever took a swing at "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" (which one or both or all of them absolutely ought to).

The songs below sound a smidgen too similar for my tastes, but -- as I consider them the two best efforts on Agnes Kain's debut LP (KEEP WALKING OR I'LL KILL YOU) -- they needs must suffice....


MP3] "Puddles & Mud"

MP3] "All Time High"

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Drunk Country said...

You Clearly Have No Idea As To What You Are Talking About.