Wednesday, December 12


You may have heard of a little band called RADIOHEAD. You may have heard that they recently released an album on the Internet. There's a discbox, too -- extra tracks and such. Cost me $85. Arrived yesterday. The first song below is one of the extra tracks and such. It'll cost you nary a nickel. Dig that dark vibe. Dig the synths.

Track #2 is a cover of a BJORK song; live/in-studio; remixed in an unofficial sort of way by RICHARD JANKOVICH aka POCKET.

Tracks #3 and #4 are logical enough addendi. What goes around comes around. Pop will eat itself. Pop is dead. Hop on pop.

MP3] "Up on the Ladder"

MP3] "Unravel" [Pocket Mix]


MP3] BJORK & THOM YORKE/"I've Seen It All"

MP3] BJORK/"Unravel"

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Anonymous said...

#3 is PJ Harvey and Thom Yorke, "This mess we're in" - a great track :-)