Sunday, December 9


NEIL LESLIE DIAMOND was cool long before RICK RUBIN decided to go all back-to-basics "JOHNNY CASH" on his ass. He's not known as the Jewish ELVIS for nothin', folks....

[MP3] "Solitary Man" [1966]

MP3] "Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon" [1967]

MP3] "Sweet Caroline" [1969]

MP3] "If You Know What I Mean" [1976]

MP3] "You Don't Bring Me Flowers" [w/BARBRA STREISAND] [1978]

MP3] "Love on the Rocks" [1980]

MP3] "America" [1980]

MP3] "Evermore" [2005]


Paul said...

Great stuff. Love the Neil!

Anonymous said...

I Love Neil Diamond Song I Love Them All

debbie said...

hi Im deb im 36 years old been listening to neil dimond since his move about him came out a long time ago then i listen to his music and feel in love with him.. when he got emmyawors and it was on ty i felt that i was there i cryed and my mother whould ask my what happend i said neil dimond won mom.. she is like debbie its on tv. not for real i said mom he won aword plz. now i know neil dimond is coming to pittsburgh pa mellon arena im trying to go i said to my family if anything would happend to me plz there is 3 things i like to go see in concert they ask me who my first one is neil dimond , randy travis. and neil dimond again over and over i would see them i always said when i was a lil girl i was going to married one of them but just a dream like any other lil girl would be.. im 36 a special ed teacher m-f sat and sun. im a nurse so when im walking i listen to my neal dimond i love all his songs even with barbra strizan he coming to america, sweet caroline, ect.. and his new song i have it all and neil dimond still looks them same no mater what his age is ..these are my saying deb from pittsburgh pa see ya neail dimond.. and there is a guythat sang all neil dimonds songs i was the only one danceing and singing the guy said this lady really likes the real neil dimond i say yes i do lol..