Tuesday, December 11


I've given up trying to figure out how PINTO's ANDREAS MAGNUSSON (supposedly from Gothenburg, but last seen herding sheep and shagging Jake Gyllenhaal in the wilds of Wyoming) (see photo above) is able to write so many solid, seemingly effortless pop songs so incredibly quickly. I mean, anyone can pen a tune, as far as that goes. Take me, at age 8, for instance:

Rocks, rocks, rocks in the bathtub
Rocks, rocks, rocks in the bathtub
Clap your hands with your father's shoe
Prick your mother with a pin

Those "tragic," "heavenly" lines are excerpted from my song "Rocks in the Bathtub," which I composed in the late '70s and mailed out to various artists of the day. I never heard back from KISS or THE CARPENTERS. DEBBY BOONE sent a lovely, inspirational note ("This song is a tragedy. God help you."). MARVIN GAYE expressed interest but ultimately flaked. And IGGY POP mailed me a bucket of human poop. His own. With blood in it. Autographed.

Which brings me back to Pinto and the absurdly prolific Andreas Magnusson. He's just finished a new track and has already slapped it up on his website for any and all to come have their way with it. As always, it is a solid and seemingly effortless pop song. Like I said from the get-go, I've given up trying to figure out how he does it; I just know that he does and that he no doubt will again. I know this in my bones. (The same way I know that Iggy Pop likes corn.)


MP3] "I Can't Feel My Heart"


MP3] "Armchair Anthropologist" [from the 2007 LP HOOK ME UP, available from CDON, CD BABY, and KLICKTRACK]

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