Sunday, December 16


[Today's Sunday mix is a two-parter. Look for the latter half later today -- after I've dug myself out from an imminent blizzard.]

For his finely-feathered, thrillingly-symmetrical hair and beard alone,
KENNY ROGERS deserves some of our Sunday lovin'....

As I'm not the world's biggest country fan (Understatement Alert!), it should come as no surprise that the bulk of the selections here are pulled from a more adult-contemporary/pop-rock period in Mr. Rogers' career. Thus: songs by LIONEL RICHIE, BOB SEGER, and the BEE GEES.

[MP3] "We've Got Tonight" [w/SHEENA EASTON] [BOB SEGER cover] [1983]

[MP3] "Love Will Turn You Around" [1982]

[MP3] "Lady" [1981]

[MP3] "Don't Fall in Love With a Dreamer" [w/KIM CARNES] [1980]

[MP3] "The Gambler" [1978]

[MP3] "Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town" [w/THE FIRST EDITION] [1969]


Anonymous said...

hi, i really love kenny's music... reminds me of my hometown.

Anonymous said...

I would like to listen to some of the tunes, but it says Bandwidth Exceeded.