Wednesday, December 12


For the first eight years of their existence, UK trip-hop/electronica outfit MORCHEEBA could be counted on to produce smooth, slinky grooves that perfectly suited singer SKYE EDWARDS' smooth, slinky vocal stylings. Then, Skye went bye-bye.

Enter DAISY MARTEY for 2005's THE ANTIDOTE, a change-of-pace journey into '60s- and '70s-styled, psychedelic pop-rock that alienated a goodly number of the faithful. Exit Daisy Martey.

Now, brothers PAUL and ROSS GODFREY are back with Reinvention #2. Who's singing the songs this time around? Why, all sorts of people, that's who. That's right -- guest vocalists! And some of them aren't even women! Why the hell didn't MASSIVE ATTACK ever think of this? (Oh, wait... they did.)

The album DIVE DEEP will be released in January of '08.


MP3] "Enjoy the Ride" [w/JUDIE TZUKE]

MP3] "Flowers" [w/MANDA]

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