Sunday, December 23


[First part of a two-parter....]

It's official now: Winter is upon us. And nothing evokes winter for me more than that vast frozen tundra to the Great White North... Canada. Few people know this, but from December to May, Canada gets no natural sunlight whatsoever. They make do with what little they are able to import from Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and Philadelphia (which, in all honesty, is barely enough to power their Zambonis).

So... sitting in their dark, frigid igloos, the Canadian populace sups on moose meat and Labatt Ice and takes solace in the warm, golden throats of their non-hockey-playing heroes. First up: ANNE MURRAY.

(Despite today's winter theme, Ms. Murray's early standard, "Snowbird" [1970], has rather inexplicably failed to make the grade. No offence, Anne. Have another Labatt.)

(Few people know this, but Labatt -- while brewed in Saskatoon -- is actually bottled in Guadalajara. Highly inefficient, but that's NAFTA for ya....)

MP3] "Danny's Song" [1973]

MP3] "You Needed Me" [1978]

MP3] "I Just Fall in Love Again" [1979]

MP3] "Shadows in the Moonlight" [1979]

MP3] "Just Another Woman in Love" [1984]

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