Monday, December 24


[Second part of a two-parter. A mere 33 hours later than intended. Gotta love these December power outages....]

Next stop on today's Canadian gravy train: GORDON LIGHTFOOT.

(When I was but a wee lad, I think I may have thought that Mr. Lightfoot played the lead character in "Grizzly Adams" [see photo above]. No offence, Dan Haggerty.)

(Despite today's winter theme [see "ANNE MURRAY" below], Mr. Lightfoot's early standard, "Song for a Winter's Night" [1969], has rather inexplicably failed to make the grade. No offence, Gord. Have some more moose meat.)

(Go [HERE] to find a whole slew of delightful recipes using moose, e.g. "moose stew," "braised moose," and, our personal fave, "moose nose in jelly.")

MP3] "If You Could Read My Mind" [1970]

MP3] "Sundown" [1974]

MP3] "Rainy Day People" [1975]

MP3] "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" [1976]

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Kevin said...

Jeez... do you happen to live in Belleville? We had about 20 hours without power.