Wednesday, December 19


We'll be filing FIREFLIES under "dream pop" instead of "shoegaze" -- though it could go either way. Or both ways. Depending.

(Depending on your definition(s) of "dream pop" and "shoegaze," I guess.)

The man behind Fireflies' curtain is named LISLE, which I believe is the name of one of the von Trapp children (possibly the one who cavorts with the Hitler Youth in the gazebo). The American Lisle is (1) a man, (2) based in Chicago, (3) a lover of "lo-fi indie recordings of the 1980s and 90s" who seeks to combine said love for said recordings with his "unrefined knowledge of classical arrangement." He cites GALAXIE 500 and THE FIELD MICE as influences. He has yet to record a cover of "Sixteen Going on Seventeen."


MP3] "The Sky Turns to Black"

MP3] "Comme il vous plaira"

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