Sunday, December 2


For this thirtysomething blogger, "You're So Vain" will always be the pinnacle of CARLY SIMON's career. It don't matter to me [see BREAD, below] whether it's dishing on JAMES TAYLOR, MICK JAGGER, CAT STEVENS, KRIS KRISTOFFERSON, or Warren Beatty; it's a cracklin' good tune, however you slice and dice it. (Just ask JANET JACKSON; she'll tell you. FASTER PUSSYCAT, too. QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE. LES SAVY FAV. And many, many others so vain they probably think this post is about them....)

[MP3] "You're So Vain" [1972]

[MP3] "That's the Way I've Always Heard It Should Be" [1971]

[MP3] "The Right Thing to Do" [1972]

[MP3] "Coming Around Again" [1987]

(Simon's quite succulent James Bond theme, "Nobody Does It Better" [1977], is right [HERE], if you haven't already grabbed it.)

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