Friday, August 29


While compiling my beloved HALCION DAZE mix (still available [HERE] for the low, low price of nothing at all), I came across many a tune that tickled me pink but didn't (quite) fit the bill. Here's a handful (+1) of tickly tunes to amuse you. (We'll get to the left-out ladies at a later date....)

[MP3] LEE HAZLEWOOD/"When a Fool Loves a Fool" [1966]

MP3] JOHNNY CASH/"A Thing Called Love" [1972]

MP3] TOM JONES/"Love Me Tonight" [1969]

MP3] RAY CHARLES/"Where Can I Go?" [1963]

MP3] JOE COCKER/"Unchain My Heart" [1987]

MP3] DEL SHANNON/"Little Town Flirt" [1962]

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