Sunday, August 10


What's say we keep these British Invasion Sundays coming... for a wee bit longer, at least....

THE ZOMBIES were an odd duck of a group -- ahead of their time, you might say. And you have to wonder if they ever regretted calling it quits (in 1967) before their "masterpiece" LP(ODESSEY AND ORACLE) was even released (in 1968). Regrets... even FRANK SINATRA had a few....

[MP3] "Time of the Season" [1968]

MP3] "I Love You" [1965]

MP3] "Summertime" [1965]

MP3] "Friends of Mine" [1968]

MP3] "Just Out of Reach" [1965]


Kippers said...

Magic. Thanks a lot for these. I saw The Zombies live a month or two ago and they were absolutely awesome. hard to believe they've been making music since the mid-60s too - they look good on it!

Bob said...

I keep coming across a Zombies song every few months and each time I continue to be amazed at how great they were. Thanks!