Sunday, August 17


'60s British Invasion... should I interpret your silence on this recent Sunday trend as a passive-aggressive endorsement of it? Oh yes, mein lieblings, I think I will do just that.

Today's offering: THE ANIMALS. Amongst R&B-based, '60s British rockers, they were probably second to only THE ROLLING STONES in terms of influence and commercial success.

I think lead singer ERIC BURDON may still be tooling around the globe with some bastardized version of the band today, but that's not the line-up we're interested in hearing from right here, right now....

[MP3] "House of the Rising Sun" [1964]

MP3] "It's My Life" [1966]

MP3] "We Gotta Get Out of This Place" [1965]

MP3] "Help Me Girl" [1967]

MP3] "Outcast" [1966]

MP3] "Good Times" [1967]

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Anonymous said...

FYI, Eric Burdon is, at age 67, what he's been all his adult life: a working (performing and recording) musician and an artist following his own muse. If he travels the dinosaur circuit from time to time to pay the bills, so what? The current Animals are a tight, professional outfit, who, when asked to play Eric and the lads' 1960's hits, are offering 2008 audiences fresh interpretations of these songs, which far and away do not comprise Eric's entire catalog!