Tuesday, August 26


L.A.'s MIGHTY SIX NINETY first came to my attention in February of 2006 with the song "Have You Ever Asked Yourself." I loved the damn thing -- played it over and over and over -- never really tired of it. The fact that it sounded exactly like THE SMITHS didn't faze me in the least.

It took a couple of years, but Mighty Six Ninety finally released a full-length album -- CHEERS TO THE BITTER END -- this past June. The Smiths comparisons are still unavoidable. NEW ORDER. THE SMITHEREENS. But I remain unfazed. And determined to enjoy these gentle, retro-sounding pop confections before the summer up and turns into a pumpkin.

From the LP CHEERS TO THE BITTER END, 2008 >>>
MP3] "Never Go to Sleep"
MP3] "Believable"
[VID] "Mistakes Like These"


MP3] "Have You Ever Asked Yourself"

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