Saturday, August 23


I've been having a devil of a time lately with my broadband connection, so I'm going to go ahead and get this thing out to you while I can. Part 2, hopefully, tomorrow.

THE HOLLIES will bring us to the end of our recent 1960s-British-Invasion Sundays (though we're not entirely through with the '60s just yet). Now... must hit "PUBLISH POST" before my connection once again pulls the rug out from under me....

[MP3] "Bus Stop" [1966]

MP3] "I Can't Let Go" [1966]

MP3] "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" [1969]

MP3] "Look Through Any Window" [1965]

MP3] "What Went Wrong" [1966]

MP3] "Sorry Suzanne" [1969]

MP3] "Lucille" [1964]

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Anonymous said...

what is the name of the painting you use as your banner. that might be the headiest work of art i've ever seen