Wednesday, August 13


I live alone. In a house. In Michigan. It's the house I grew up in. We moved there when I was three years old, in 1973. Above, you will find a picture of the house, taken in 1973, before we moved there. I'm working on this blog right now from behind the lower-left window. It's obstructed by a "For Sale" sign, and the picture was taken in 1973, or otherwise you would see me waving to you right now. Or flipping you off. Depending... you know... on my mood.

Here's the thing: It's a reasonably large house, and, at 5 feet, 11 inches tall and 135 pounds, I don't take up much space. Yet, I'm running out of places to put things. Specifically, my many, many mix CDs. I have hundreds of them. Actually, probably, 1000+. My bookshelves overfloweth. My closets... drawers... niches... cubbyholes... packed to the rafters. And the rafters are all-full-up, too.

So, I've had little choice but to "thin the herd"/"cull the crap." Case-in-point: My FOO FIGHTERS mix CD, from 2002. I mean, honestly, do I really need a Foo Fighters mix CD from 2002? Does anyone? When was the last time I listened to Foo Fighters, anyway? Hell, when was the last time I listened to NIRVANA? My mind draws a blank. But I'll hold onto my store-bought copy of NEVERMIND, thank you very much; it will always remind me of what things felt and sounded like when I was 21. The Foo Fighters mix CD from 2002, on the other hand... hell, I don't really want or need to be reminded what it felt like to be 32.

I have to tell you: There were 22 songs on that mix CD. No joke. 22 Foo Fighters songs, just sitting there, not being listened to, no doubt wondering why I ever bothered to burn them in the first place. As to that, I haven't a clue. But they're gone now -- banished to the trash to make room for something new that won't be new at all six years from now. And round & round it goes....

Here are the four songs of the 22 that seemed worth saving -- for a few more seconds of time, for a few more millimeters of space....

[MP3] "Everlong" [1997]

MP3] "I'll Stick Around" [1995]

MP3] "Big Me" [1995]

MP3] "Ain't It the Life" [1999]


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laugh!

Mercurywaxing said...

I don't know anyone that listens to Nirvana any more other than for the sole purpose of nostalgia. It's amazing, given how new, fresh, and groundbreaking they seemed. Now the attitude is "oh, Nirvana. Cool. They used to speak for our generation or something I think." I guess mumbling whiny apathy wasn't what my generation wanted to our musical stamp. Thank God!

molotov said...

For the most part, I agree with you, mercwax. But don't mess with my "mumbling whiny apathy." It's my philosophy on life.

Funkyfresh said...

I am not sure what the purpose was to talk down about the foo fighters from a story that had nothing to do with them, you know nothing about good music if you could clean out your garbage-filled ears. The music made today will never compare to the foo fighters who revolutionized the post-grunge era, David Grohl made something of himself after Nirvana died out from Kurt Cobain's shotgun suicide and they made great music that you will never understand.