Saturday, August 2


[These last two posts come a day later than intended. Apparently under the mistaken impression that this is a spam blog, Blogger locked me out of the site yesterday. I was still feeling the frustration and helplessness of that development when a fluke, five-minute mini-storm rolled through my neighborhood last night. Cue random bolt of lightning. I am now out two TVs and a VCR. Ain't life grand.]

Left-click [HERE] to download July's big bag o' muzak....

Portal to previous monthly mixes [HERE].


01 friska viljor/on and on
02 the displacements/down and out
03 albert hammond, jr./101
04 amanda jenssen/come on (you have arrived)
05 youth group/sorry
06 cansei de ser sexy/left behind
07 black kids/i'm not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance with you
08 cazals/we're just the same
09 five o'clock heroes/stay the night
10 boy kill boy/a-ok
11 kristoffer ragnstam/swing that tambourine
12 april march/chick habit
13 the fratellis/my friend john
14 beck/gamma ray
15 dirty pretty things/kicks or consumption
16 parka/dj in the corner
17 wolf parade/it's a curse
18 the lurios/digit's dance
19 sons and daughters/chains
20 clocks/that much better
21 langhorne slim/restless
22 youth group/one for another
23 the walkmen/in the new year
24 the shortwave set/repeat to fade

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