Friday, August 8


Today, as you may know, is August 8, 2008. In other words: "08.08.08." Which got me to contemplatin' -- what did I post on this here little blog o' mine back on 07.07.07?

Well, it turns out I didn't post anything on 07.07.07. Or 07.08.07. 07.09.07... 07.10.07... not a peep. Checking my handy-dandy, dog-eared 2007 calendar, I see that I was in the midst of a 12-day drinking binge at the time. Indeed, I do seem to recall (vaguely) the days passing in a dull, hollow blur; my acid-reflux-ravaged throat feeling swollen to twice its normal size; and the updating of this here little blog o' mine seeming of very little consequence or concern. Little did I know that I was a mere 20 days away from posing for my first mugshot. I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille.

So last year, obviously, was a bit of a washout for me. But what about 06.06.06? Surely things had to have been better back then....

Checking my handy-dandy, dog-eared 2006 calendar, I see that June '06 found me in the midst of a 15-day drying-out period. And, on 06.06.06, I posted songs by... LLOYD COLE. Soberly, I wrote:

"Lloyd Cole is a Brit who formed Lloyd Cole & the Commotions in the early '80s. They had a modicum of success with their relatively gentle brand of folk-rock and Cole's literate lyrics. Then he blew the whole thing up and went solo. Things have been somewhat sketchy for him since. But the man can still write a pleasant tune from time to time...."

A bit of a lukewarm endorsement there, to be sure. Truth is, I've never been able to muster much enthusiasm for the man's music. The critics praise him to the stars, but I find him merely adequate. But "adequate" ain't all bad, and, if he's got CAMERA OBSCURA name-checking him [see below], he must be doing something right....


MP3] "Fool You Are" [1998]

MP3] "Baby" [1995]

MP3] "Weeping Wine" [1991]

MP3] "Woman in a Bar" [2006]


MP3] CAMERA OBSCURA/"Lloyd, We're Ready to Be Heartbroken" [2006]

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Kippers said...

Saw Lloyd live a little while ago too. He's surprisingly unpretentious in the flesh!