Wednesday, June 18


Upon the release of their first long-player back in 2006, I compared BOY KILL BOY to THE KILLERS and THE BRAVERY. Now, upon the release of their somewhat colorless second record, STARS AND THE SEA, I'm ready to banish them from the Killers' class. But the Bravery? Sure, they can still hang with the Bravery. (And that, my friends, is what we like to call "faint praise." Kind of like: "John McCain will make for a better presidential candidate than Bob Dole." Or: "Tyra Banks is less of a raving-bitch diva than Naomi Campbell." Or: "Adam Sandler is more talented than..." uh... hmmm... okay, I can't think of anybody I can plug in here to make this one work.) (Except, maybe, "Dane Cook.")


From the LP STARS AND THE SEA, 2008 >>>
MP3] "Ready to Go"
MP3] "A OK"

From the LP CIVILIAN, 2006 >>>
MP3] "On and On"
MP3] "Ivy Parker"

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