Sunday, June 8


Today, I had myself an itch for something vintage. A vintage voice. The sort of voice that BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN wanted to emulate on BORN TO RUN. The sort of voice that BOB DYLAN said "could jar a corpse" and cause you to "drive your car over a cliff."

ROY ORBISON's life was a bit like his best songs -- highly dramatic, and touched by tragedy. When he was 30 years old, his first wife died in a motorcycle accident, leaving him to raise three young children on his own. Just a couple years later, two of those children died when his Tennessee home burned to the ground. At age 41, he suffered a heart attack. At 52, he suffered another. And died. Just like that. And just when his career looked to be on the upswing.

Well, that's life for ya. Now... how's about we commiserate over some deliciously bittersweet ditties....

[MP3] "Only the Lonely" [1960]

MP3] "In Dreams" [1963]

MP3] "Dream Baby" [1962]

MP3] "Blue Angel" [1960]

MP3] "Running Scared" [1961]

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you might want to change the link to 'only the lonely' - there appears to be some rogue html at the end.

love the blog!