Wednesday, June 11


It is such a very fine line.... On the one side, you have a female-fronted band like PARAMORE, playing by-the-numbers, wake-me-when-it's-over Modern/Alternative/Active Rock, and selling over half-a-million albums while they're at it.

On the flip side, you have the San Fran quartet LOVELIKEFIRE, a female-fronted band playing indie pop/rock, operating on the proverbial shoestring, tooling around in the trusty, stereotypical-to-the-hilt tour van -- and all without the benefit of even minor label representation.

Well, nobody said that life was fair.

And, to their credit, the members of LoveLikeFire aren't bitching and/or moaning about the iniquitous inequities of the big, bad Music Biz. Instead, they're just getting on "getting on" -- which, thus far, has meant a lot of tour-van tooling, as well as the releasing of two EPs. Said EPs can be perused and/or purchased [HERE] and/or [HERE].


MP3] "Unlighted Shadow"

MP3] "Broken Shapes"

VID] "Wish You Dead"

VID] "From a Tower"

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Janice said...

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