Sunday, June 29


I'm not sure that SAM PHILLIPS quite deserves all of the critical praise that's been heaped on her over the past 20 years, but she could certainly use a hell of a lot more love and attention and commercial success. The woman has a small, likeable voice and a gift for penning tidy little pop songs with simple-yet-sophisticated arrangements. In more recent years, for whatever reason, she's opted for a more stripped-down approach, and -- for me, at least -- it hasn't been a change for the better.

What follows is the first part of a two-part sampler. As I tend to think of her late-'80s-to-mid-'90s period as her "sweet-spot"/"glory years," you'll find the bulk of the selections falling within that time-frame.

[MP3] "I Don't Want to Fall in Love" [1988]

MP3] "I Need Love" [1994]

MP3] "Five Colors" [2001]

MP3] "Where the Colors Don't Go" [1991]

MP3] "Little Plastic Life" [2008]


Jim said...

Just caught her live in Portland, Oregon with her band. They were great. It was a Tuesday night, which must've explained why the turnout wasn't standing room only. She's doing something like 4 shows this coming weekend in San Francisco. I've been a fan for years, but this was the first time I ever got to see her live, and was not disappointed. The arrangements were adventurous, and the singing was delightful.

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