Thursday, June 26


Holy yodeling Alaskans, Batman, what the f*ck is wrong with me lately?!

First: PHIL COLLINS. Then: ALANIS MORISSETTE. Now: JEWEL. Question: WHY?! Answer: Hell if I know. Maybe the summer heat is getting to me. Or all these mosquito bites I've been getting while feeding baby raccoons in my backyard every night. Anybody know if West Nile Virus has been known to cause one's taste in music to suddenly go all to sh*t? Somebody get C. Everett Koop or Sanjay Gupta or Jack Kevorkian on the case; this blog is beginning to go positively dodgy/wobbly.

Now... I may be one of the few people on the planet that thought Jewel's foray into dance-pop with 2003's 0304 was a good move. Mainly I thought that because I tend to find her folk-pop-poetry to be pretty damn dull (for proof of this, give 2006's GOODBYE ALICE IN WONDERLAND a listen). Now, with 2008's PERFECTLY CLEAR, the woman has up and gone country on us. Fine. Change can be a good thing. Let's just sit back and see how it goes....

It goes a little like the first two songs below. Not really all that different from most of the other songs below, which comprise nine of the 12 total Jewel songs that I am able to endure and endorse in any way whatsoever.

Then again, this all may be just the West Nile talking....


From the LP PERFECTLY CLEAR, 2008 >>>
MP3] "I Do"
MP3] "Rosey and Mick"

MP3] "Again and Again"

From the LP 0304, 2003 >>>
MP3] "Sweet Temptation"
MP3] "Intuition"

From the LP THIS WAY, 2001 >>>
MP3] "Standing Still"

From the LP SPIRIT, 1998 >>>
MP3] "Hands"

From the LP PIECES OF YOU, 1995 >>>
MP3] "Foolish Games"
MP3] "You Were Meant for Me"


Keith said...

This is just NOT right.

I suggest you seek medical attention.

Anonymous said...

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