Monday, June 9


Hey! Music from Germany! A first for us! (Unless you include BACH.) (And BEETHOVEN.) (Also: MENDELSSOHN.)

GET WELL SOON is the baby & brainchild of one KONSTANTIN GROPPER. As far as I know, that's even his real name!

Herr Gropper splits time between Mannheim and Berlin, but he also works out of London and Dublin. (Mendelssohn once went to London, but not to Dublin. Beethoven never ventured west of Vienna. Bach never went anywhere.)

Musical touchstones here are GRANDADDY ["If This Hat is Missing I Have Gone Hunting" -- a warped waltz with irresistible "Shoot, baby, shoot!" interlude(s)] and THE FLAMING LIPS ["Christmas in Adventure Parks" -- clumsy, stumbling verses elevating into a pseudo-symphonic, singalong chorus].


MP3] [VID] "If This Hat is Missing I Have Gone Hunting"

MP3] [VID] "Christmas in Adventure Parks"


Any major dude with half a heart said...

Catching up on your fine blog.

Anyway, Beethoven was born in Bonn, which is very much west of Vienna. Or do you mean he never left Vienna westwards when he lived there?

molotov said...

Yikes. I knew Beethoven was born in Bonn, but I'd always pictured -- in my mind's eye -- Vienna as being south and west of Bonn. Which would pretty much put it in France, as it turns out. Mea culpa.