Monday, June 30


As I mentioned mere hours ago, the Sheffield, UK synth-pop outfit THE HUMAN LEAGUE will be touring this August with fellow Sheffielders ABC (and Hollywooder BELINDA CARLISLE). Unlike ABC, the Human League do not have a new album to draw from, so I guess we'll have to go back to the classics....

[MP3] "Don't You Want Me" [1981]

MP3] "Human" [1986]

MP3] "(Keep Feeling) Fascination" [1983]


Craig Rosen said...

I think "Hollywooder" Belinda Carlisle has been living in Paris for several years. Does that make her a "Pariser"? ;)

Jeff said...

Man, i love the Human League, but ABC and Belinda don't do much for me. Still, "Sound of the Crowd" is my jam.

Anonymous said...

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