Tuesday, June 24


FOGHORN LEGHORN... er... LANGHORNE SLIM is a Brooklyn singer-songwriter with a CD he'd like you to buy. It's called LANGHORNE SLIM. The songs below are extracted from said CD.

Langhorne Slim (the man, not the CD) was not always called Langhorne Slim; he was called SEAN SCOLNICK. Sean Scolnick was not always from Brooklyn, New York; he was from Langhorne, Pennsylvania. So you can kind of see how that works, then.

SEAN SCOL... uh... LANGHORNE SLIM (the man) on MySPACE.

MP3] "Spinning Compass"

MP3] "Restless"


Dan said...

I don't like people that give themselves nicknames. You can call me T-bone.

Anonymous said...

Langhorne is amazing. His music has so much feeling and his lyrics capture so much pain, love, happiness, lonliness.
He's a force so be reckoned with.

DAN said he doesn't like nicknames.
is that short for daniel? or Dumb Ass Nigger?

Anonymous said...

both links are down down down.